Friday, April 22, 2011

Tess and Alexander's Story

Tess and Alexander
Age 8

District of Columbia
Children’s National Medical Center

Cerebral Palsy

When they think of their futures, twins Tess and Alexander both have buoyant dreams. Alexander hopes to become an astronaut someday, floating weightless and free in the far reaches of space. Tess dreams of long, sunny days serving smoothies at a swim-up pool bar at a posh Caribbean resort.

Whatever the reality of their futures, these siblings are up to the challenge. Tess was diagnosed at age 2 with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Alexander was diagnosed at age 3 with hypotonic cerebral palsy. Both have undergone treatments to increase their mobility, as well as ongoing physical and occupational therapy at Children’s National Medical Center.

Alexander is a proud Cub Scout and honor roll student, and is learning to play the piano. Tess is an honor roll student and a determined Brownie Scout. She recently received an award for being the top fundraiser at a school charity event. Both Tess and Alexander love to swim, take karate lessons, sing in their church choir and ride horses.

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